All products of the Italian Fumagalli company, which was founded in 1973 are produced in Italy, in the company's own facilities. Fumagalli offers outdoor lighting products with lifetime warranties. Fumagalli is the first company in the world to develop Fumatech technology. Production with Fumatech technology requires that at the center of bollards there are metal poles coated with zinc by hot galvanized dipping method. There is high density polyurethane foam around these poles. On the outermost surface, there is a UV stabilized resin material which is manufactured in one piece and has no joints. This resin material is resistant against sunlight. These products do not rust or rot, and do not fade color over time. [View More]

ReneSola Energy

ReneSola Energy is one of the most preferred solar module producers in the world for over 15 years. It is listed as Tier 1 module producer by BNEF. It has 25 GW+ global shipments and 10 GW+ production capacity. [View More]

Maxge Electric

Maxge Electric manufactures electrical products in its 30,000 m2 ultra-modern factory equipped with the latest production technologies. The biggest market for the company, which produces all its products at the highest quality standards, is the UK and the European Union Countries. Maxge is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the most prestigious British brands. Maxge brand has a global reputation for its robust and long-lasting switchgear products. [View More]


Audio is the Turkey's largest intercom manufacturer. It has thousands of products in its portfolio. Not only they offer the most affordable intercom systems, but also state of the art smart home systems. Audio brand intercom systems, which were installed decades ago in many places including our country, still work without any problems. [View More]


BYD Co. Ltd. was incorporated in 1995. It is the largest manufacturer of new energy vehicles and lithium based batteries in the world. It has over 300,000 staff, 30+ manufacturing parks and sales points in over 100 countries. It is the largest corporation in these sectors. [View More]


Established in 1970 in Bergamo, Italy, the company produces general electrical supplies with its staff of over 1,500. It is famous for its high quality cable protection systems and power distribution products. [View More]


Established in 1972 in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul; Sarkuysan produces electrolytic copper and its products, copper pipes, bars and enameled coil wire. Today, it is a global brand that has reached an annual copper production capacity of 220,000 tons with its 90,000 m2 closed production facilities built on 175,000 m2 land in Gebze and Darica regions. [View More]

Ünal Cable

Ünal Cable manufactures energy, control, solar and special cables in its production facilities located in Tekirdağ. It is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Turkey with an annual processing capacity of 14,000 tonnes of copper, 18,000 tonnes of PVC granules and 11,000 tonnes of XLPE. 60% of the company's production is exported. All of its products are accepted by even the most demanding organizations in Europe, England and Turkey. [View More]

Temka Cable

Temka Cable, which started production in 1998, manufactures many kinds of weak current cables such as coaxial, signal and control, data communications, instrumentation, closed-circuit television, audio and silicon cables. Temka Cable strictly controls compliance with quality standards and environmental considerations at every stage of production. [View More]

DAH Solar

DAH Solar is one of the leading solar module producers in the world. It is listed as a Tier 1 manufacturer by BNEF and it has over 200 patents. It developed the "Full Screen" technology which increases the module efficiency when they are not cleaned regularly. [View More]

NT Electrical Accessories

NT brand electrical accessories, all produced according to the relevant British standards, are available in different colors and models. NT, which has been the most preferred accessory brand in Cyprus since 2010 has proven to be the best in terms of both quality and safety. [View More]

Smart Lighting

Only the world's highest quality LED chips are used in Smart LED bulbs. We have these bulbs produced in our contracted factories. Light colors and lumen values are at levels indicated on the packaging. With Smart LED bulbs, which we have in stock in many different models, power and light colors, you can get the brightness you want with minimum electricity consumption. [View More]

Smart Water Pumps and Accessories

We have Smart brand water pumps, automatic press controls and submersible pumps produced in factories chosen by our team of engineers. We sell these plumbing supplies with warranties at the most affordable prices. [View More]

Deye Inverter

Deye Inverter Technology Co. Ltd., established in 2007 has production bases covering an area of 15,000 sqm. It is one of the global leaders of inverter manufacturers. [View More]

EPL Cable

We manufacture EPL (Erel Production Ltd.) Cable brand cables in our own production facilities in Nicosia. The cables, which we first started to produce in 2011, have been used by many electrical contractors across the island for years. [View More]

EPL Pipe

Latest technology machinery are used in our fully automatic production facility, which started the production of EPL (Erel Production Ltd.) Pipe brand electrical pipes in 2019. Recycled materials which may compromise the quality of our pipes are not used. Only the highest quality PVC are used in our productions. Our pipes have become the first choice of electrical contractors. [View More]

Aokly Power

Established in 1996, Aokly Power has production facilities with a total of 680,000 m2. It is one of the biggest battery manufacturers in the world. The company sells its batteries to more than 150 countries including European Union countries and the USA. The company has all the relevant certificates including CE, IEC, UL, ROHS and ISO. [View More]

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global leader in the production of general electrical products. [View More]

Backer Electric

Backer Electric produces water immersion heaters in the UK. [View More]